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Welcome to the official

homepage of "mainhallmusic"

We are a fresh independent

Musiclabel foundet in 2013

Basically we manage music genres like

all types of Dance Music, german Hip Hop

and Mainstream Pop Music.

We give new Musicians a chance to sale music all over the world by using

the biggest online Stores like amazon, iTunes, musicload and more.

Check the Video of the EP "Adrenalin" of Cyber P

The song is called "Ich kann auch anders"

Beat, Text, Vocals and Mix/Master by Cyber P

A new freetrack by Cyber P

feat. Gaijin, Frank Oak and Sethmaniakk

"Geld pflegt nicht" it is a socially critical song with hard rapvocals.

Beat and Mix/Master by Cyber P

Check the video of the single "Fader" by Cyber P.

A little Boom Bap single with freh Rapvocals.

Beat, Text and Mix/Master by Cyber P himself

New Video available. Cyber P releases his Solo Album "Modus" on March 23, 2017.

Here you can listen to the first Song called "Der Teufel trägt Business"

Check it out!

The new single "Schwarzer Planet" feat. Le Blanc is now available.

The Song with Instrumental Version and Bosustrack feat. Uso you will get


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The new EP of Cyber P


feat. USO & Dizzy

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Upcoming Releases

Cyber P - Nord Core

December 2019

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